Starting off the year right! 

There's no doubt I'm behind on my MM posts. So my resolution for 2014 is to get with it. That being said , the boys had a great 2013 and with the addition of Betsy Stelzer on keys the new year is looking very exciting. The first show of the year is just a week away with a January 11th date planned with Mur and Hawk Vs Dove at Three Links.

New material is also in the works,  along with some great older songs that didn't make it onto "Each and Every One of Us". So, we should be able to expect a new album…

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A Fire is a Brewing 

Once again the boys are back at it! They had great shows at Curtain Club and Rubber Gloves in Denton over the past month and the gang is looking forward to some big dates at Bryan Street Tavern and Good Friend. In the works are at least three new tunes including "Rita Uneeda", "The Watchers and the Wanderers" , and a groovy Destroyer cover, "Hey, Snow White".  Summer is here so grab a cold beer and head out to the next MM show. Of course, wait to drink said brew until you arrive at the destination.


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Mountains Majesty on the Rise 

The boys are back up and around in a most excellent fashion. After months of summer hibernation, working to complete the long-coming "Each and Everyone of Us", Fall rehearsals have started. The first of what should be many warm-up shows has been booked and the record is being mastered and finalized for production. Album artwork is being completed be Mr. James Langford, who has continued to supply top notch artwork for all of MMs endeavors. Best of all, the boys are planning to release a limited edition of…

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Keeping up with MM

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Upcoming Shows and Dates

Previous events

Mountains Majesty with Ryan O'Brien

Opening Bell, 1409 South Lamar Street, Dallas, Tx

Mountains Majesty with Mur and Hawk Vs Dove

Three Links Deep Ellum, 2704 Elm Street, Dallas, TX


Mountains Majesty with Buick 6 at Good Friend

Good Friend, 1154 Peavey Rd., Dallas, TX 75216, TX

Mountains Majesty will be opening up for the all-star Dylan tribute band, Buick 6 at that magnificent Good Friend. Much beer will be consumed on a Sunday afternoon!