The Story of the Mountains Majesty Boys

Mountains Majesty are...  Corbett Guest- Vocals, guitars, organs; Drew Chandler- Vocals, guitars, keys; T.J. Vlach- Vocals, bass, guitars; and Sean Cagle- Vocals, drums, percussion, banjos.

Mountains Majesty is a collaboration between four Texas-based musicians, who have all taken refuge in the rural lifestyle of Ellis County, Texas. Corbett Guest is a veteran of the Indie rock world with numerous recordings for the New York based indie label, Grass Records and later major label releases on Geffen Records and One Ton/Etherstream as a member of Dallas-based Slowpoke. Prior to joining Slowpoke in 96, he played with Chandler  in the Texas-based Shoegaze band Lumen.

The two reunited with the addition of multi- instrumentalist T.J. Vlach and drummer Sean Cagle in 2010 and begun rehearsing and recording unreleased material written by Guest over the last five years. The band's "pastoral indie rock" sound is reflective of the numerous influences that have permeated the group's psyche over the years. Mountains Majesty's love of seminal indie bands from Guided by Voices, Sebadoh, and American Music Club to indie giants, such as The Wrens and Sonic Youth has informed their sound and the stories they tell with their music.

Keeping up with MM

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Mountains Majesty with Ryan O'Brien

Opening Bell, 1409 South Lamar Street, Dallas, Tx

Mountains Majesty with Mur and Hawk Vs Dove

Three Links Deep Ellum, 2704 Elm Street, Dallas, TX


Mountains Majesty with Buick 6 at Good Friend

Good Friend, 1154 Peavey Rd., Dallas, TX 75216, TX

Mountains Majesty will be opening up for the all-star Dylan tribute band, Buick 6 at that magnificent Good Friend. Much beer will be consumed on a Sunday afternoon!